Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Newly discovered pick up game.
Ohio Mike drawing my picture.
Motorcycle shop of the surfing stars.
Giving Ohio Mike a gallery show.
Negotiating the awkward taking a photo of the inside of a gallery full of other photos moment.

Most times getting to the show in New York is as interesting as the show in New York. I only had a half hour to spare so the trip up to Murphy and Dine to see the opening of the Dustin Humphrey show and the short time spent yielded a brand new to me open afternoon footie game on 27th, a personalized on the spot portrait by the artist Ohio Mike and a narrowly averted awkward situation on the C train with a lady giving me the stare down catching me in an uncomfortable shit-I'm-not-wearing-my-wedding-ring moment. The show itself was hard to place, for me anyhow. I ended up thinking things like wait, are those girls naked or just wearing naked looking swimsuits? and how did they do that? and wow, guys in funny hats underwater, I love funny hats! The idea of a motorcycle trip around Australia with a board on board is a genuinely neat one though. Even if I found that part of the show underrepresented.

Of course one of our jobs here at Endless Bummer is to be brutally honest, a chore we obviously find easy due to our inherently laid back (read: ignorant) point of view. To this end, however, we often employ guest contributors and spy cams and such, precisely placed for maximum discomfort to offset our admittedly thin mental meanderings.
Here are some other, entirely more nuanced reviews from a few sources:
"A bunch a buff Aussie surfers with models on there dick wandering around happily smiling."
"Understandable, and cross-processed, long exposure beach shots selling for $7000."

And that's why we print it: all the giddy hyperbole that's fit to print.
Draw your own damn conclusions.

Murphy and Dine
A Dustin Humphrey Moment
A Daniel Fuller Moment

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