Thursday, September 17, 2009

New York Surf Film Festival!

It's right around the corner and I don't think we've procured any tickets yet. I figure more than a few gems are already sold out so we are hoping to get in on at least a screening or two of the non sold out sort. Granted, our duties as chroniclers of certain things surfy in New York will be dealt a credibility blow by not seeing each and every film, but that is a risk chroniclers with other commitments have to take.
Anyhow, you should go if you are around. It really is a great community thing with all sorts of cool people just rummaging around, there, out in the open, for all to meet. Last year we were fortunate to get to know more than our share of sincere types. The Phoresia folks, Mick Sowry, Josh Berry and Elizabeth Pepin all among the luminaries we're still keeping tabs on.
Mick actually contacted us a few months ago about possibly using the Lapsed Catholics film as a precursor to Musica Surfica (buy it now) at the Maribor Music Festival in Maribor, Slovenia. After much hustle and to-do to get the film into the hands of the kindly Slovenes, we are still not sure if the screening came off. I hear the classical music set are an impulsive lot, given to wild flights of scheduling fancy, so it might not have happened at all. Suffice to say that the mere idea that our spur-of-the-moment experimental surf film would play at a classical music festival in Slovenia would never have crossed our minds. So the hustle and to-do would count sufficient enough for a success even if the thing were never screened at all. We are grateful for even the thought. We'll find out soon enough though, as the call to Mr. Sowry for full comment has been made.

While you are waiting to hear the end of this exciting story, make it on over to the

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