Monday, September 21, 2009

New York offers ample opportunity and ample distraction from it. The other night I ran into South African Mark and he introduced me to Mr. Jaco van Schalkwyk, film enthusiast, maker and academian currently living in Johannesburg. Jaco and I talked for a bit amidst din and beer and he told me I needed to check out this magazine. And indeed, I'll try.

In other news, Mick got back to us about the Maribor festival. Sounds like a great time and a fantastic listen:

I just got off the phone from Richard T, specifically to find out how
things panned out on their Musica Surfica day in Maribor.

The program consisted of Jack McCoy's sequence of Laird Hamilton on
that wave at Teahupoo, but recast to Beethoven by RT, followed by
Lapsed Catholics, then Musica Surfica and finally a live performance
by the ACO to footage of Jon Frank's shot in Iceland.

I'd love to have been there and according to Richard your film was
very well received,
i loved its placement as it was great light and shade in the program.

As I find out more I'll feed it through but I knew you were wondering.
I hope all is well up there.

take care

If you haven't ordered your copy of Musica Surfica yet, there are still copies available. Or head on down to Mollusk, they have it there, I'm sure.

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