Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kenny was kind enough to invite my family up to his Amagansett rental last weekend. We met up with Henry for Saturday afternoon surf at Ditch Plains, trading waves at the weird little right that crops up right in front of the parking lot. Kenny and Henry come from pure Long Island stock. Kenny's father was a Jacob Riis lifeguard and local cop with Kenny and Henry following footsteps in the beach assignment. It was a good time trading waves and stories with the two of them. Stories from when Fort Tilden was still an operative fort ("McHales Navy") and of East Coast life guarding pranks ("get me the jetty wrench.") Both are great surfers and lifelong watermen and tipify just how deep and hearty the New York surf lineage is.


the other gustav said...

wow. that jetty wrench thing was popular all the way down on LBI too.

Mr. Lentini said...

I like to use my jetty wrech to fix the paddleboard