Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've had so many people tell me I'd just love Australia. That Australia would be the place for me. "You really gotta visit Australia. It would be perfect for you. You'll never want to leave."
I have friends go there, come back, go there, stay, never come back, go there come back and go there again. Sometimes things seem further away than they are. In thirty five years I think I have nearly perfected the process by which my mind needlessly puts things at arm's length.
Someday, Australia, I will visit you and you will be a like an old lover bumped into awkwardly at a twenty year reunion.


Bill said...

Strange, I had the same sort of feeling when I visited NY a couple of years ago... like it was somewhere I intimitely knew and was just getting reacquainted with.. I guess it's one of those places that's just etched into human consciousness.

I stumbled on this blog after reading an article about dudes surfing in NYC, getting weird looks on the subway with their boards etc. I love it, keep the stoke going fellas!

Toddy said...

Rad Bill. Glad it hit you like that.

We'll keep it going, despite, and because of, it all!

CP said...

I have so many friends sitting in warm weather in Noosa right now, waiting for those perfectly loggable righthanders. They all tell me i'd love Australia too. I think they are right, sadly real life intervenes!

Cool blog guys. Found you through Jack Brull. If you're bored at work check our little corner of the surf world out here:
Probably about as far from Australia's warmth as you can get right now! If you like it maybe we could do a bit of reciprocal linking?

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