Friday, June 4, 2010

A Song of Love

Fiz do Amore o Meu Canto Tito Madi

Surfing in New York has its ups and downs. Like surfing anywhere, really. Like doing anything, anywhere, really. And as these things go, the good bits are actually the bad bits as well. So along with the cold, dark winter surf, a surf that has an uneasy relationship with your job, you get to experience the warm, inviting summer surf, when the sun peeps it's head out around five o'clock, in near perfect marriage with your schedule. It's a little like being a kid and stumbling anew upon summer vacation every year. It comes, you've known it was coming, and yet the pure joy of its arrival takes you by surprise every time.

1 comment:

Rebecca Olive said...

You just made my day!

One day, when I come to New York, will you take me surfing here?

Thanks in advance!