Thursday, July 29, 2010

Board Sale, Sale Board

The Thom Browne is up for sale over at the old timey Mollusk shoppe.
I am the proud owner of three surfboards in a three surfboard size apartment.  Wow, you really have it made! Well, you'd think, and yeah, in so many ways, I do.  The only catch is I have two longboards. That is one longboard too many at this point. So I flipped a coin and the newer, nicer-condition board ought to be sold off to make room for another shape.
So there it is over at Mollusk waiting for someone who wants a longboard that works great, paddles great, rides great and is an actual longboard, not a facsimile of a longboard popped out for posterity.
The board itself was commissioned by Thom Browne from Natures Shapes to accompany a fashion show.  Instead of running of a few turkey's off some sort of turkey press, NS just applied the appropriate logo design to their NR-1 model.  A year or so ago a friend, who works for Thom Browne asked if I wanted to take the board, dormant, untouched and cluttering a corner of their office off their hands.  So I did, and there you go.
I guess I haven't talked about it much since then, but here are my initial impressions.

"Based off of a classic combination of a Hanson 50/50 and Bing templates this board has become our best performing nose rider. If you are looking for a classic all around longboard then this is the model for you. The combination of a wider outline 50/50 rails, concave nose and rolled v bottom allows the NR 1 to trim and nose ride without a step out of place."

So head on over to Mollusk, they'll let you ogle it, touch it, and if it smells right, buy it.


Peter Naylon said...

I bought that board from Mollusk. I look at, standing in my apartment stairwell where the ceiling is high enough to accommodate it, and laugh because it's so damn big. It rides like a dream and I pay homage to it's namesake by cutting my wetsuit off at the ankles. Tre fucking chic.

toddy said...

Classic. That board does work great. A real deal longboard that feels like one. Sorry I had to see it go. I'd say try to get a fin in there that lifts it up a bit as the nose loves to push down at times.

Super glad I know who got it.