Thursday, August 26, 2010

Surfing Mag in New York

I have to admit, of all the surf magazines out there, Surfing has always been my least favorite. There, I've said it.  Jackie Moonbags disagrees.  He says he likes how Surfing cuts out all the soulful bullshit and goes for the jugular (my paraphrase, not his and that conversation was a long time ago, before he got old, so maybe he's changed his mind.)  But here they are, or were, and now they've gone and done it, or did it. Anyhow, here is their take.**

** Editor's Note: we haven't actually read these yet.
*** P.S. Editors Note: We've sort of perused them now and the best stuff happens in the comments section.  Go figure.

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Toddy said...

Ok, read them now. In fact, reminds me vaguely of my first week in New York over a decade ago. A young person's stumblings through the dirty bits of the city and they happen to get into some funny situations, apparently. That's what happens when you send a couple young guys with eyes wide open into the lights.
More imagery here:

A different New York than the one I have, or maybe I'm just desensitized, either way, sounds like they had a good time. And that's what matters.