Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happenings Parte Trois: Rhombus Enacts Rhombus

"The Rhombus opening went off like an illegal tasmanian firecracker last night,with the highlight of the evening being Stevie Valentine getting kegged by the bar at the Newtown Workers Club...yew...thx to all crew who attended, pics of the night to come on the blog..."
The details are murky with only a vague reference to someone being "kegged." Quizzical. The promise of incriminating ones and zeros neatly aligned as color and imaginary mass is promised. Check in at the Rhombus blog to see the destruction... someday. In the mean time, if you are around and you haven't paid Gustav #1 and his space a visit, get on the get. Melbourne isn't that big, I mean sheesh.

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