Monday, November 8, 2010

So you had a bunch of hair and you thought "ah, what's the use, I just pull it back into a ponytail anyhow, and that shit is just littering around the place, hair everywhere, in the soup, in the boy's cereal, and I bet all that weight will make me go bald..." and there is this crazy ex-boxer hairdresser guy that shows up at your friend's apartment to cut hair every now and then and he used to cut Guns 'n Roses hair on tour back in the day, or something like that, but it doesn't matter whether it was GnR or Scorpions because you had the guy trim your long mop once before and it's worth it just to experience someone work at something they're really good at, plus he is a one of a kind guy to be around, and when you're done you look at that three, no four, inches, maybe five, the guy has lopped off, and then he uses some sort of razor that sounds like a witches pinky nail on a chalkboard just to make the thing look polished, and then on your way home your wife texts you to remind you to pick up milk and a few light bulbs and do you think you could get some ice cream so you do, some sort of fudge caramel swirl, and just because you're there and it looks inviting and you have the three dollars you buy one of those big blue cans of Foster's but when you get home wifey has decided to call it a night and you look at yourself in the mirror with some sort of haircut, a haircut you haven't had in years and years, not by a professional anyhow, as the whole of the last fifteen have been in the process of shaving it off or letting it grow and you look at yourself there, and he told you, the haircutting guy, he told you it would act funny for a couple days, but you're looking at it and it just sort of looks like a haircut, and your wife assures you from her prone and sleepy position that it's a quality haircut, and you'll be damned if it isn't, cuz the guy used to cut GnR's hair, or something, and he is a one of a kind character, and that Foster's would taste pretty good with half that pint of ice cream, yes it would, all alone there typing on your stupid surf blog.


Anonymous said...

good shit. this is one of the best ones here inna while.


Eduardo Padilla said...

i. feel. your. pain.

Mr. Lentini said...

ahhh hahahahahahahah ahhhhhh hahahah toddy fucking kudos I love a good ramble..and I have to tell you I totally have had similar experiences..solo beers and ice cream hahahahahahahaha classic..epic you made my shitty day kinda better