Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tommy Brull Foundation Fundraiser this weekend!

The foundation will be making donations this year in Tom's name to the following:

-Camp Anchor Building Fund in Lido Beach, NY

-James Lasko: (Uncle of Kelly, Lizzie, and Kevin Joyce - ANCHOR staff members)
James is 58 years old. James was scheduled for surgery to repair a congenital heart abnormality. On the day of the surgery, he suffered a massive stroke. After the stroke he suffered irreversible brain damage. He now has what is called "locked in syndrome". He is only able to move his eyes. James needs assistance with an aide to be there when his family cannot. His physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy is interrupted frequently because he does not show progress and insurance does not want to pay for it. Individual therapists would benefit him on a daily basis.

-The ASPIRE Center:
ASPIRE Center is a new, unique outpatient private clinic serving clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other social learning difficulties. The Center offers the opportunity to acquire skills in the area of assessment, treatment, consultation, and conducting groups (social skills, CBT, parent education) and community outings with youth and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ages preschool to adulthood) and their parents. The possibilites are endless.

More info about the Tommy Brull Foundation here...

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