Tuesday, April 19, 2011

EBNY is Digital Ninja

So I've been reading lately about these people called "Digital Ninjas." Laugh it off if you will, but apparently they exist. They are advertising people who write blogs and make tweets and watch blogs and read tweets from the comfort of their desks in advertising agencies. They exist under a number of monikers. "Digital Ninjas" is one of them. It struck me, as I learned about this career path, that I might be perfectly suited for that sort of thing. I mean, I like blogs, I work in advertising. I don't know tweeting real well, but I could get used to that, maybe. I mean, if that's the way the wind is blowing. But then I find out that the big hit against them is that they don't actually make anything. They don't actually do anything. They just watch internet trends and package them up as more internet trends.
Antonio and Mark Tesi have been friends for a long time. Mark moved to California a couple years ago on the heels of his surf shop burning down and started working for Roxy and last year Antonio and I tricked him into sending us some footage to play with. We played with it all a good while ago but as these things have a habit of having it we've had to wait a number of months before posting it up. But here it is, our official Roxy thing.

So much for Digital Ninja's not doing anything.

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