Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Old Year, Happy New Year

Yesterday at San Onofre State Beach on my penultimate water session of 2011.

I had the distinct, and in the grand scheme of the world's population, unlikely pleasure to spend over a week of nearly unfettered surfy joy to round out the old year.  Eight days of two to four foot Encinitas, Cardiff, Carlsbad and San Onofre with fits of culinary satisfaction and familial camaraderie stuffed in between. It was somewhat a fitting end to a year of surprising turmoil and even more surprising traction.  The kind of capper that only goes to highlight all the things I need to be grateful for.

Anyhow, we look forward to servicing your (and our) apparent need for an online (and probably distant) surf buddy.  And while Antonio and I didn't have the chance to put together some sort of rambling fifteen minute year-ending talkfestvideoscramble,  we can't wait to bore the pants off you in 2012.


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