Thursday, May 10, 2012


From the oft-blurry vision of one B. Lentini
(hand prolly shaking with rage)
today's illumination: Go shred!!!  
Keeyah Super Tough alright!!!!


Anonymous said...

Skateboarding has gone through its fair share of awkward phases. We've had our snakeboards and inline boards but those mistakes barely scratched the surface. This recent plague of graceless hacks are giving our beloved culture a bad rap and things are most certainly not getting any better. I urge all you real-dealin skaters to embrace your hatred and act on your frustration against these white collared vagina wipes. I’m an advocate for skating with traffic. If I see a real skater, or even some fella on a banana board going against traffic I might givem a look but I letm pass just the same. If I see a wrongboarder going against traffic I’m spitting on him, that’s for damn sure. Hell, I may even feel peeved I may shove him onto his meticulously groomed face. These boys are soft. They don’t know how to handle themselves when faced with a real pissed off son of a bitch. Take a stand, brothers. Longboards have their place and it’s not in these bellicose city streets. They’re for cruising to check out the surf with a joint dangling from your lip. You want to get agro in the streets alongside ME and MY brothers? Believe me, captain pussy, that won’t come easy. Don’t give me a nod either. You’re not one of us. Know this.

toddy said...

I am simply glad my ankle no longer allows me to even suck like I used to at skateboarding thereby alleviating a knuckle sandwich from you, and shit tons of the middle-age angst these poor bastards are going through.