Thursday, July 5, 2012


woke up ate quick breakfast with the kiddies and old lady

hopped in the truck (already loaded day before)

drove on outer beach to cut three 3 miles down

set up camp

wind was offshore tide was filling in

caught a bunch of little wompers the one turn get womped kind but grinning the whole time (all this on a log)

then I ditched surfboard for fins and a handplane--kids screamed on the beach as I got crushed on somewhat purpose

the little 1.5 yr old attempted to deliver my seltzer water out to me in the lineup (one an lineup)

I laughed so hard a booger shot out my nose

we went for a beach walk threw logs as hard as we could into the ocean

collected garbage from the assholes who left it on the beach

rode home used outdoor shower

wifey off to work and now me and the kids are doing nothing..laying around listening to music watching tv destroying the house

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