Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happening: Kook Paradise Screening


Anonymous said...

Who are the real kooks in all this garbage? Montauk is a sinkhole surf slum of the highest order these days...Hang around the carpark at ditch or trailerpark and be "In" ala the ones who filmed this tripe...overpay the ditch bitch so she can winter in the surf slum of Nosara-watch the stench follow south...
Show up on Saturday night and prove yourself to be a kook of the highest order - cause that's who's putting all this together and perpetuating their self-indulgent, narcissistic douchness...
Hey, but that's just my take on all this - I stay far away from Montauk if at all possible.

Benoit Balz said...

Back in the day, when "back in the day" probably meant more than it does now, surf films were opportunities to get stoked. I can't imagine anyone getting stoked on this - unless there's significantly more in the film than what's on the trailer. One would hope. Because that trailer is pretty dreary.

You have to wonder what the filmmaker's motivations are in celebrating such mediocrity.

Maybe the filmmaker is like a "Richard Prince" of surfing, famous for cynical efforts, and lauded by an art and hipster-obsessed NYC crowd riding the last dribbles of coolness.

Walk around and you'll see ours is a bleak era where even sorority "chicks" (please insert more caustic misogynistic/anatomical adjective here) have neck tattoos.

Neck tattoos!

What do I know about Montauk? I've only been there a few times and I've only been surfing for three years, but it's "my life"...

See ya at the flick!!

Anonymous said...

Been surfing since these "videographers" were a stain in their daddys' shorts.
Be there AND be square.
If you show your face on the beach in Montauk YOU ARE A KOOK. They're just too stupid to know what they're looking at in the mirror.
The place had an aura 30+ years ago. Unfortunately, the "locals" have turned it into a joke. But, they're "cool". Just ask them.
It's a shame, really. Have to agree with Anon. above, the place is to be avoided mostly because of the locals. Most of whom can't surf worth crap but think they do, all on a less than stellar wave.
They're a sad group. Parking lot groupies for the most part.

EditorialBoard said...

Hilarious commentary.
If I can make it to the film, I'll come back with some sort of report.
Although I can't imagine it won't be up on the web in full version pretty soon anyhow.
And then we can have an informed discussion on the merits of the film itself rather than on the state of affairs in its perceived production.
I talked about it with a friend in the water this morning. I'm naturally ambivalent about the idea of the film. That is, filming people, probably strangers, and making fun of them. I've never been into candid camera or those "ball buster" you tube videos.
My friend pointed out that it's probably just a way to vent, let off some steam in a situation that has deteriorated as far as wave-to-human ratios are concerned. It's better than wax on a windshield or fist fights with soccer moms, more or less. And this exercise won't get them thrown in jail.
But the proof will be in the film itself, not in anything running hot up to it.
I've avoided the Montauk summer this year for all sorts of reasons, so I might not make it out for the film for any one of those...

Mr. Lentini said...

First off amazing commentary, secondly I hate montauk with a passion, but I also love it, you must surf out there with blinders..anyway I digress. I would just like to lay to rest that the dudes that made this film are in no way kooks..I am not good friends with danny but I have known him for years blah blah blah I would just liek to say I always loved danny because he has the kind of face that looks like he is about to punch you in the fucking throat, I dont have that kind of face but if your gonna have a face thats a good face to have, much better than a "punch me face" anyway I dont know if I am gonna make it or not but I just love that danny did this,, the voice over is fantastic and so is the trailer

Anonymous said...

Some people find fulfillment in life through their careers, family, and or art. Others are content to ride the occasional head high wave better than anyone else in Montauk for the rest of their lives. Welcome to Dick Paradise where a few of the locals who depend on the money from visiting Kooks not so secretly despise themselves and their benefactors. Remember its all just a dream. You never have to leave your junior high obsession with being cool if you’re willing to live like a bum or be a gigolo. PS- You are using the worst, most annoying Captcha I've ever seen. What is this the Pentagon?

Toddy said...

I didn't go. Worked late then time got away from me as I talked with friends. Bunned though. Would have loved to see the film in that setting. Sorry about the crazy security clearance. It is truly awful. How do I fix it without inviting every spam robot in the world?