Thursday, August 23, 2012


"What could be better than getting barreled on a single fin on the North Shore in 1979? How about getting dropped in on, passing the offender in the barrel, ensuring his ass goes over the falls, ripping out of it into a sick cutback, then a minute later - having all but forgotten about it - being more interested in geeking about board design than spiking the football. Do they even make people like this anymore?" -Aquatic Apes


Mr. Lentini said...

gulp, surf boner

Bill said...

inionho 88nice comeback and cool board shape

Bill said...

I hate those word verifier things man

Anonymous said...

2 things - 1:Don't type stoned and verifiers are easier, or
2:Keep hitting the refresh button until something your stoned eyes can read comes up as the verifier - then type away.
#2 is the easiest.

jean grey said...

Hmm. Vintage stuff are way to cool. Especially old boards. Its a treasure.
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