Saturday, November 3, 2012

Help Wanted, Help Received, More Help Wanted

Ty Breuer from Sundown and SMASH and Chris Gentile from Pilgrim Surf + Supply and Mikey DeTemple of generally surfy radness are organizing people and material runs out to Rockaway tomorrow, Sunday November 3rd. Clothing isn't such a necessity at this point (unless you can get your hands on packaged underwear, socks, and long undies!), but cleaning supplies and shovels and brooms and MOST IMPORTANTLY person-power in the form of strong backs, willing arms and organizational nous are in dire need.  Even if just to warm the place up with energy, good vibes and the natural human togetherness that can spur relief on...

A slate of fundraising events are also being set up for the very near future, the moneys going to closely coordinated local needs.  If you can help or want to help or have anything to contribute, email us and we'll try to get your name and info into the right hands.  Organization is always one of the hardest things at moments like this, our gratitude for those hearty souls who are doing that heavy lifting.

Also check in here to help: NYC Service
There is also a new Facebook Rockaway posting board set up. 
Also, great art and a chance to help: Abbie Zuidema's watercolor fundraiser

If we hear of other ones, we'll add them here.

Obviously, Rockaway is not the only place in disarray.  As cold and foul weather are on the horizon, the Jersey Shore, Long Beach, Staten Island, Red Hook and towns in Long Island like Mastic Beach are looking at incredibly bleak near-futures.  Anything can be done to help.  No help, no thought is too small.  But try to think big, especially with your time and energy.

Some photos from yesterday's trip to Rockaway Surf Club and to see Joey Clams

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