Saturday, November 3, 2012

There Will Be Work to Be Done For Months To Come

Positive work at the Rockaway Surf Club

Tyler B., Mikey D., and a few very good others recently returned from the day's journey to Rockaway. It is good to remember how easy the hardship of volunteering and helping can be.
Give it a whirl.

From Tyler:
"Today was an incredible day. We were able to help a lot of people and get supplies and food to a large group of people. We made our way to Freeport and dropped off a huge amount of clothing and supplies to go to Long beach. Then went to the Rockaway Surf Club where they are doing amazing work feeding and clothing the people in Rockaway along with organizing volunteers to help clean homes and help elderly people. Mikey DeTemple and crew did an amazing job helping clean out some homes. Rick Anthony is doing an unbelievable job being a pillar of his community and helping everyone around him. So inspiring. Thank you all for the support! Back to it tomorrow. "

If you'd like to help, show up with warm work clothes, mucking boots, and some energy at Pilgrim Surf + Supply at 9 AM tomorrow.  

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