Sunday, February 24, 2013

I post this here for an obvious "external" reason: it is a surf video.
 I also post this here for more specific "internal" reason: it showcases the sort of surfing and surfing environment I am used to in my own life and to which I still aspire as pastime.
 I post this finally for an even more "internal" less obvious reason: Lujon is one of my favorite Henry Mancini tunes and I am frustrated that someone else used it against surfing footage before I did.


Freaky Born Wings said...

Aaaahh, classic. And the score works nice. Now this gives me pause, Editorial Board, cause there's an amazing old song that I'm praying nobody touches until I use it. But it could be years until I get footy that I feel lives up to the song. And all that time I will be biting my nails and wondering if I should give in to lesser footy.

EditorialBoard said...

All I can say is, get on it.
We're all ripe for a fall.
I've made some pretty mediocre movies over the years that have been saved by just the right sonic choices.