Saturday, February 23, 2013

Montauk Film

My own arrival on the Montauk "scene" was aggravatingly late and 100% coincident with the creeping summertime overpopulation. After that first full summer, I knew I couldn't stick around full time for another. A little bit of a heart break, but you gotta know when to bow out, even if it's only after one act. Or half an act, or whatever. But the people there are good, the light is incredible and while the waves aren't always world class, they're more consistent than most places on Long Island. Now during the summer when I show up at my preferred time (that little bit before dawn) it's already getting blobby out in the lineup. Even that lonely hour is not so lonely anymore.

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Chris Sansbury said...

love it there but had to leave for good in 2003 after 13 years. Thanks for the film. Good to see familiar faces again.