Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happening: A Literary Event at a Surf Shop. Nice.

“Subtle, spare, and elegant … In this fascinating plunge into the world of competitive swimming, [Shapton] isolates the poignant moments.” —Smithsonian Magazine

 “Whenever I come across something of Leanne Shapton's, I feel like I have found a hidden treasure.” —Amy Sedaris

“If there is a more beautifully observed examination of the weightlessness, silence, rigor, and delight of what it means to swim, I've never read it. But Swimming Studies is also so much more. Leanne Shapton is one of the most broadly creative and gifted people at work today; a true artist, both visual and verbal.” —David Rakoff, author of Half Empty and Don’t Get Too Comfortable

“Leanne Shapton succeeds against all odds with this wildly romantic and erudite book.” —Dave Eggers, on Important Artifacts

Sheila Heti describes SWIMMING STUDIES as “what it’s like to be haunted by the person one used to be, and the search for how that person exists in the present … we see how the discipline of being an athlete can condition one’s ways of making art, and how the patience necessary to make art teaches other types of patience.”

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