Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pre-Summer Ramshacklecrumbummeander

I take perhaps perverse satisfaction in being told that something doesn't exist, when, in fact, it doesn't. As if I didn't know about its non-existence and my insistance that it does exist is some state of deep, deep ignorance.  But ask yourself and answer yourself: does racism exist?  Does genius exist? Does talent exist?  Racism, well, no technically it doesn't. There is no other "race."  And yet we are racist in our attitudes all the time.  Genius? Right, well, granted, nothing pops outta nothing these days, yet culturally there are those who introduce an idea that has yet to be grasped in a real meaningful way. Talent? (This is my personal pet-peeve, the one I'm always scoffing at other people about.)  Talent is a red-herring wrapped in a misnomer, candy-coated in a slippery slope masquerading as a wrong turn.  And yet, and yet, some people simply have that alchemic ability while others don't. Nothin' for nothin' here.  I don't mean to say anything that doesn't pertain.  It just came to me, again, that most of what we say weighs about the same as how we look.  Which isn't much. Not much at all.

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