Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Early Summer Walk To Work Thoughts on a Recent Subject

Talent is an interesting subject.  Like so many other words in the dictionary, overused perhaps misunderstood certainly often misapplied, talent and its nature are an elusive concept.  Talent seems to be the intuitive, nearly instant grasp of what works.  That momentary facet a key one, differentiating what we might see as a good, practiced strategy against something more surprisingly slight; nuanced insto-tactico-decisions that separate failure from success.  And there is a second temporal component there: the consistency over time of a success to failure ratio. All the better when combined with something as equally intangible as gross creativity or feats of physical dexterity. The origin of talent is thus murky, usually depicted by the over-awed in fanatical, emotional terms. But when I really think about it, talent even flows closer to the artery of time. The real genius appears only in some magical confidence (perhaps ignorance or naiveté) to distrust any other possible possibility-in-the-moment. And this I think comes from a decision making muscle memory only generated by repetition, the end result falling similarly into a temporal context: talent offers the ability to compress the external, or far, perception of time, making things happen seemingly quicker and more efficiently by expanding the internal, or near, experience of time, creating personal space in which to allow complex decisions to happen in observable, discrete parts.  All of this just points to Einstein as the first peson to really describe the whole fiasco.

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