Monday, June 10, 2013

The Mastastico Bureau Going Finless

Introducing the first post of a new EBNY Bureau. Lentini-vision will run rampant every now and again around here at unfixed intervals teetering on the edge of the viable inconsistency endemic to those rarified environs. A photo here, an editorial there, some You Tube finds, and maybe some Craigslist slobbering. I dunno what he's gonna do. And frankly, it may have to be edited to dodge the FCC. For now, we'll start off with some finless surfing Lentini has been crying about. Or as other people have called it for quite a while now, skimboarding.

1 comment:

nsabich said...

Lentini is onto something. That's no skimboarding... That's surfing on a toothpick. Holy smokes!