Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sifu Onion

My tai chi teacher, my son's kung fu sifu, is one of those guys.  Peel back a little bit, get a little more. No more than a rabid martial arts disciplinarian to some, Sifu Lee has more than a few other sides to him. Fishing, bow hunting, living out of his camper, playing bass in a rock band.  The guy is always surprising me with something.  The other day he shows up with an 8mm video cassette of Christian Hosoi ripping it in a 1980's Connecticut grocery store parking lot. At least that's what he thinks is on there. We haven't transfered it yet.  Today he sends me this simple statement with a link to the following vid.  I'm going to start calling him Sifu Onion.

Tommy Guerrero was to me the epitome of "Street Style" ....his delicate moves, knee bending and grace is what I find lacking in todays skaters. 
-Sifu Christopher Lee

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