Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Your Phone Exists With or Without You

I've started staring at my phone.  Just staring at it.  It doesn't need to do anything.  It doesn't need to ring or vibrate or shine or sparkle or smile or reach out and give me a high five. A sweet soul affirming, self-consciousness defeating high five.  No, I just stare at it and it has become the object of my visual fancy. It is a liar too.  It tells me things that aren't true.  It pretends it's something else.  It demands so much discernment.  And it brings me people and things I don't want to deal with, to talk to, to talk about.  I have a folder on my phone (that liar, trying to fool me into thinking it has a folder for me) called Outside.  In Outside I have a few weather applications and a few surf report applications.  These things, while not my phone, also lie to me.  Or they tell me the truth and I disbelieve them.  Fucking liars.  Last night it said this morning would be "good."  Or really, "green." Green means good.  I believed it, sort of, as I always do.  Falling for the trap, I'm such an idiot. Brandon spent the night in anticipation of a 4:30 AM start time.  Then he woke up at 2 AM (that is, my phone said it was 2 AM) with terrible, breathe-retarding allergies and split back to his own place to rest in private. My phone then slapped me in the face at the appointed morning time and I nearly woke up.  But I took that goddamn phone and put it under a pillow on the floor and went back to sleep.  It said it would be "green" this morning, but all I got was "blue" and I think it has lied to me again.  I'm staring at it now.


Anonymous said...

I just broke up with all my surf forecasting apps. I don't think any surf apps have been accurate since Sandy. Maybe the buoys are failing us. Unfortunately it seems as though only the good old fashioned eyeball report is reliable these days. (and in a way, since everyone (newbies) seems to be tweeting, & FBing clean conditions on breaks and thus blowing up any spot, I guess its a good thing the apps are inaccurate?) anyway, I wish surfing wasn't "so cool" I used to look forward to less crowded winter surf, and now seems it is crowded way more than ever (at least with more slick sticks and $$$ wetsuits)
Feeling grumpy I guess, last night while surfing under a beautiful full-ish moon, some turd was filming me, just bums me out, that is not what I want out of my session. I don't want to be someones "cool" factor. I recommend breaking up with the surf apps, just showing up and surfing whatever comes.
-Just Your Average Surfer Gal

Anonymous said...

it's NY. life is crowded