Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today's Wave Ki

I finish reading the Brad Gerlach interview.  Wave Ki is pretty funny sounding.  I reckon quietly to myself as my wife hastles me to turn out the light that one can be doing wave ki all day if one wants.  I mean, shit, I do wave ki while I'm eating.  I dip into some book about releasing the creative endeavor.  I skim a few more pages about statistical analysis in soccer.  My wife is really crowing now. I check the swell forecast app.  Looks like I'll have a productive weekend.  Red until Monday.  I get off the phone with DJ Matchie.  We plan a private surf movie premiere night for Joe Cups for next Thursday.  Pizza and beer.  Maybe some turntables.  Low key event. It happens to fall on the same night as the semi-annual P.S. 110 parent's night out at Fada. That's always a great mess of good times. Turks and Francs and Yanks and expats of all sorts.  I wonder how I'll split the evening.  I was never a big Brad Gerlach fan.  But as Lentini say's "he sure believes in himself."  And yeah, you can't ask for more than that.  Believe in yourself.

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