Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Notes from Mastastico

"Pontus Alv of Polar Skate Co. (not to be confused with the camping and beanie supply company Poler) has to me brought back skateboarding to its roots, friends hanging out skateboarding and having fun, period. As rad as all the Spike Jonez directed Red/Phantom camera/ zip line blowing crap up stuff is, its not what 99.99% of skateboarders do. Polar brought back slappies to runs and wall rides, fun simple tricks that pros stopped doing in video parts because I guess they arent as hammer throwing as backside kickflip to lip on a 400 stair rail. Anyway Polar is rad and this video rips. All hail Pontus (say high if you see his crew of euors in Brooklyn this week as his whole team is here instagramming)@polarskateco" 
- Lentini

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