Monday, October 21, 2013

Surfing Sucks, Try It.

Seriously. And here is the very very best best place to go and give it a whirl. Get in the water, dip your toes, splash around!  Spend time in Sunny Southern California and log some water time. No better place to get your giggles and live the good life. Don't wait around, the rolling Pacific swells are waiting, the lolling breakers beckon.  Book your plane ticket, pack your Uhaul, jump in that station wagon.  And if you're really, really on it, hop on that souped up dirt road bike conversion Vanagon and pull up in style. Get some sandals on the way and ditch that bad haircut! No keep the bad haircut, ditch the sandals and slip on some Vans! Don't pass go, pick up $200 dollars and find yourself on easy street!  Surf. Surf! SURF!

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Captain Curran said...


just stumbled upon the old site - and look at you - yu're like a duracell battery with this genre, just a steam engine you are.
very cool -
i never get tired of these breaks, it has been so small lately but it doesn't matter -
Sunset Cliffs and Blacks are my all time favorite spots, tranquility and beautiful coastline, just smack in the middle of the 8th largest city in america.