Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Endless Bummer Old Mans Teaser, then Trailer


Anonymous said...

cool short short.


jandi said...

Why the term "paddle kook surfers"? If you ride waves bodysurfing, on a boogie board, mat, trendy retro surfboard, longboard, shortboard, stand up paddlesurfing, waveski, or kayak you're still surfing the waves. I do all these. Am I considered a decent surfer on my trendy retro fish and then a kook when I get on my stand-up?

What makes them kooks?

toddy said...

I hope you notice I nestled in "paddle kook surfers" as a most positive aspect. It is our pleasure sometimes to take long held false notions and put it on its head using the same terminology. I have read a lot of negative stuff about paddle surfing, and I'll gladly call myself kook if that's what I am to them. Takes the bite out of backwardness.

ed. said...

I seemed to have deleted the original post that led to the Jandi kook statement. To rehash, I mentioned something tongue in cheek about "kook paddle boarders."
Ian pointed out the obvious goofiness of that phrasing.