Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Local Gentile Makes Good

Chris' art is always a revelation.  Mostly because you just wouldn't expect such pretty stuff coming from a foul mouth like that.  His work, tucked away in the corner on the stairwell during the Swell show this summer was one of the best pieces there, I reckon.  But you know how I reckon...  crazy mad good stuff from the surfer/artist/father/surfshop owner....click on the pic.

Heal Up, and Let's Paddle Out

Not too long ago I looked up from my easy slumber on the cushy bed in the guest room of The Hawk's Santa Barbara pad and saw something I'd somehow missed until that very moment: a yellowing black and white photo of The Hawk, his father The Politician and Duke Kahanamoku. When I asked him about it, he laughed and said his father had yanked Duke in to pose for the photo while The Hawk signed his minor league baseball contract. Normally, this would turn me around in disbelief, but I don't question anything around that guy anymore. The first time I talked to him, on wifey's rotary phone after wifey and I had set the date for our "wedding," he asked if I surfed. I said "of course" or something like that, and he proceeded to order me to Hammond's for a meet and greet the next morning. Or something like that. When I got there, at seven or eight or so, I saw one guy bobbing out there in the cold Central Coast mist. Without a wetsuit. "Oh boy," I thought to myself, my paddle strokes little more than shivers pushing me out to my destiny of being a part of Uncle Hawk's family.

Premium Magazine

EBNY sticks a sticky finger into the beating heart of the globally fashion conscious. EBNY regulars "Wifey" and "Bibi" & newcomer "Jesstastic" catch the collective eye of a style-infatuated nation.

Featuring Erica Tanov & Electric Feathers & Aesa

Flickr Find

The internet is a disturbing "place" full of worrying interceptions of personal prerogatives, confusing syntactical turnarounds and vexing misinformation. Yet it persists in being wholly useful if you take it the right way. Looking for some imagery for another project I stumbled onto these images from this person and was satiated.  For a moment.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

As has been intimated by a thousand clear voices ringing out of the binary night, torches alight carrying banners, crashing tambourines and yanking fig leaves off statues, it is a good time to be a surfer.  Yes, pollution is squeezing our sinuses, but our cars and planes get us to the waves with unprecedented ease. Yes, the great surfaris into the unsuspecting and untouched are a thing of yesteryear , but winter wetsuits are so functional as to render an endless autumn.  Yes, the moneyed tentacles of the industrial surfing complex nearly choked off any authentic documentation of the fluid sensibility, yet this has only hastened the creative backlash.
Everyone dreams of sitting in a well appointed shack overlooking a consistent break away from the maddening rush, surfing at leisure and making wearable art. Apparently Drug Money Art actually does it.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Phil Edwards, Cottons Point, circa 1960 : Bruce Brown
In the taxi on the way home from JFK last night, a very entertaining conversation was had between dropped calls:

"Wait a minute, let me see, what did you say? Five foot and glassy? Ok, hold on... what? It said three foot and poor. What was this guy thinking?"

"So a whole year off, huh? Does she have a plan? Is she going to study with someone?"
"Yeah, I don't know, she says she is going to do meditation at the Zen Center every morning."
"Every morning? What is she going to do for the rest of the day?"
"Jeez, I don't know, I haven't asked her that yet. Maybe you should talk to her."

"Really, when you're our age, if you're lucky enough to surf once a week it's a basically like when we were twenty, surfing every day."

Happenings Parte Trois: Rhombus Enacts Rhombus

"The Rhombus opening went off like an illegal tasmanian firecracker last night,with the highlight of the evening being Stevie Valentine getting kegged by the bar at the Newtown Workers Club...yew...thx to all crew who attended, pics of the night to come on the blog..."
The details are murky with only a vague reference to someone being "kegged." Quizzical. The promise of incriminating ones and zeros neatly aligned as color and imaginary mass is promised. Check in at the Rhombus blog to see the destruction... someday. In the mean time, if you are around and you haven't paid Gustav #1 and his space a visit, get on the get. Melbourne isn't that big, I mean sheesh.

Happenings Parte Dos: STRRRIKE 2 NYYY!

Scott Massey just digitally rung us up out of the cold clear November blue filling us in on yet another front in an ever-expanding surf art intelligence continuum happening out there. If you're around, consider yourself fortunate. If you're not, figure out a way to get your hands on this art:

STRRRIKE 2 | Zine Release & Group Show @ the Simple Space
Dec 2nd 2010 – Jan 6th, 2011 | Opening Dec 2nd 2010 6—9pm

The Simple Space | The NY Gallery Building | 24 W. 57th Suite #601 | New York, NY 10019

Happenings Parte Uno: Stoked & Broke Virtual Premiere

Movement is afoot, things are happening.  Ed Lewis and Cyrus Sutton are up to their newish old tricks... I'm sure we're too late to win a ticket, but there is no reason not to announce for friends either way.

Mick over at Safe to Sea just posted a review, so yes, things are happening.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Joy

1/3 of EBNY flew into Lindbergh Field last night only to stir this morning to undeniably storm-surfesque conditions. As Dana, our man in Cardiff put it after being dragged out to sea by one surf starved Least Coaster, "That's the worst shit I've paddled out into in a while." Stopping at Swami's on the way, not thirty minutes earlier, the young guy in the parking lot was truly bummed the surfcasters got it wrong: "I just got out of jail! I read the report and they said it would be five foot and clean! I thought I'd have a victory surf." It's good to be back on the Left Coast, if for but a couple days.

Back in Gotham, Batman might be checking out this scene on Friday night...not to miss.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dunno If I've Missed Cali More...

via QP

and that led me, fortuitously, to this...

Catherine Clark & Friend

Friday, November 19, 2010

via MHR AKA Mitzi Dodge

Friday Night Lights

Another warm and dance night with Brazuklyn.
Samba musicians, para quem tem samba no pe.
Unlike their slightly more boisterous Brazilian cousin on the Southside, the Northside's Beco Bar offers a somewhat more genteel approach. The food can be spicy and the tiny space a touch peppery of air because of it, but the vibe is outstanding. Yes, surfing with Brazilians can sometimes be a pain, but eating with them, dancing with them and listening to their music more than saves that situation. The temperature dropped today, and tonight Beco serves another round of hot Samba. If you are planning your night around Johnny's opening, a Snow fest film or the Shadows of the Same Sun projection, Beco isn't a bad option to warm the heart in commute or return.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekends Goings Ons/Offs

Friday November 19th & 20th. Come join us for 24 of the latest and greatest International Ski and Snowboard Films.

& don't forget THIS

New (To Us) Playahs

There are a number of New York centric surfy bloggy websites out there, some look to do one thing, while others another. All to say that New York is a pretty dynamic place to be a surfer, and there is no way to escape the high-minded sensibilities that pulse through the joint. Surf Collective NYC has a far more polished take on things than we do. And is worth every look.
We've been meaning to redesign again, and that blog just makes us feel even more dowdy.

On the other side, there's Punch In The Face which by moniker alone makes us feel like wimps. But equally enjoyable for similar, yet dissimilar reasons.

Hooray us. Hooray New York. Yay surfing.
Now, if the waves would just show up when I'm not working.

1970s Rockaway Surfing

Andy McCracken's images of some Rockaway mid-70s surf scene. Style, style, style negotiating the wild surf.
Thomas Brookins, purveyor and craftsman opened our eyes to these and Andy said it would be ok to post them up.

If we can conjure up some sort of interview or something like that, we will... but for now, enjoy the pure and utter stoke on view.

Surfers in the and on the beach: Andy McCracken, Tim Manion, Chris Manion, Bobby Browne, Billy Sautner, Alison Giglio,