Thursday, February 12, 2015

EBNY On Hiatus : The Boy's Journey Begins

For the next couple weeks we will be traveling up the East Coast of Australia making a travel & surf documentary following a father and his son as they road trip up the East Coast of Australia, surfing, meeting new people and learning what it means to be a responsible, inquisitive traveler.

Read all about it at

Friday, February 6, 2015

Leah Dawson Appreciation

Every now and again the world wide interconnected web of instant access and immediate communication algorithmically churns the digital dirt to uncover a gem of uncompromising quality.

And so somehow this style master were recently presented to me.
You can find more from her here.

I mean really. Ridiculous cum astounding.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Paul Strauch Interview

Pilgrim Surf Shop has been doing a nice job of updating their site with interesting material. The latest is this great interview with legend Paul Strauch.

Today's Thought


I didn't even know he was sick. How many amazingly great vibes and ready smiles did I receive 
as I received a pizza from his hands. 
Photo by Joshua Simpson

This Week In Not Surfing

In this week's inaugural February podcast of This Week In Not Surfing, Antonio and Toddy talk about life choices. And not surfing. Recorded in typical lo-fi fashion and predictably without editing.

A couple corrections: It's Dan Wozniak, not Steve Wozniak. and Ty Breuer is the fellow who was telling me all about the surf film archivist not Ian Hoff, who's told me about all sorts of other amazing people.