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Happening : Rockaway Beach Surf Club Party

The Rockaway Beach Surf Club was an instrumental component in the organization and implementation of relief efforts after Sandy.  They continue to be a vital force in the regard and are looking like they will grow into an ever-more important and vibrant part of the culture in the that neighborhood and probably beyond.  A lot of people have worked hard to rebuild this important spot after the flooding and devastation. Recently re-opened in full, they are throwing a party of thanks and gratitude this Saturday.  It will be a beautiful day filled with beautiful people.  If you're around and looking for a surf culture check-in, check in with them.

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Happening : Women of the Seven Seas

Introducing Women of the Seven Seas New York's first annual women's surf film festival featuring shorts from around the world presented by Lava Girl Surf. The festival will showcase women who are carving their own paths through the world of surfing with a decidedly female poise and style. From the story of Belinda Baggs and her board, Evo, finding its way back into the hands of its creator, Wayne Lynch, in Australia, to the travels of three Latin Americans and one Kiwi with the world champion Sofia Mulanovich from Peru, the films highlight these women's passion for the ocean and riding the wave -- and show that they can rip!
Tickets: ~

The Girl From Ipenema

The mental surfy jukebox. That rotating lineup of internal hits that flit through the skull. An incessant insistence borderline insane. And somehow these things tend to be break specific, where no song gets more than a couple spots and the needle hits the record without any warning and no control at all. There is something about the Lindell/Washington/Lafayette stretch that lines up "96 Tears. "
Don't ask me, I only work here.

And just to really fuck you up, here's this:

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Today's Thought

This lady's voice freaked me out for a moment. I automatically thought, "Oh man here is one of those super chill spiritual talker people making up some sort of soothing countenance to convince themselves they've achieved via their smooth tones some secret sense of fulfillment." And maybe, maybe she is one of these people, whoever these people are. But ha! I listened to it for some reason, a bit further, and I forgot about her waxing and waning cadence and found some little moment in there that made a lot of sense. Right around 3:30 in this clip I really took notice. Pretty good, that.

Full Moon

Smiles come easy after a long drive.  We'd woken at half past three and filled the wagon up with the necessary doohickies and doodads like various waxes, rubber t-shirts and ripe peaches.  Rockaway, looking oddly unbeautiful beneath the low slung red moon, lay flat and unbaying.  Chris' new Boca Junior's inspired sidewalk trembled with anxiety, muttering inconsolably as the waferish Patagonia fun board and the big yellow Anderson tried to sooth the situation with calming words of inevitability maths. From the 60s to the 90s back to the 60s we poked around, glum, perhaps bowed.  But cooler heads, or hotter ones, prevailed sending us up the road to Long Beach which cupped in her wide hands the little ripples, letting them seep through with just enough knuckled shape.  The smiles do indeed come easy after a long drive.

And I am reminded of this old chestnut.

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The Late Summer Monday Blues Fest Coming to Your Neighborhood!

The twilight in-between-place of August into September is upon us. It is now in New York that the zone between here and there, land and ocean, air and water starts to become even fuzzier. Temperatures reach parity, as the light slowly creeps away earlier and earlier.  Kids, apprehensive about the coming first day, feel it too as the odd melancholy they'll learn to fear and crave hits them like a soft breeze. They'll witness their parents scurry about trying to land that one last perfect beach cookout while talking excitedly about how much they've missed wearing their sweaters. And around this time they'll be indoctrinated into the eternal battle of ant vs. cricket.  Or at least that's what they might be learning. In reality they'll just be watching cricket vs. grasshopper, as the context of seasonal change has little to do with the collective plan for our generation.  For the generation before us, and before that.  At least here.

The surf season is right around the corner, and for those who've spent all summer paddling around in the small stuff to prepare themselves for the bigger stuff, anticipation is high and positive.  For the rest of us, of course, there's a sense of added insult to injury as we are weak and unready.  Likely though, we'll paddle out anyhow, hoping we won't hurt ourselves or, perhaps more intelligently, we'll sit on the shore on the more critical days, making out ant-ish plans for next year.

So this morning my Facebook roll has a few tidbits of that sort of things-we-all-knew and have-been-around-for-a-while but decided-we-could-live-with because why-worry-about-it-at-this-point.  And I fall into that category too.  Cue the crickets.

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Oh yeah, and there's this:

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To the billyburg bike boy(or girl) who stole my bike seat last night

You are a special kind of ass because you know how disruptive your actions are but you don't care. You would have to ride a bike to know which seat to steal yet you still think you're cool
You are probably kill puppies for fun.

Happening: Surfy NY This Week

Holy Surfness Batman! So much surfy stuff to do in NY, so little time... Tonight! World Premiere of Cy Sutton's Compassing at Picture Farm, plus the Rockaway Beach Surf Club is having an opening night party tonight. Saturday is Daughter The Movie Screening out in Amagansett along with the opening of the new Pilgrim East Opening. Sunday is the Lava Girl's Workshop: Surfchitecture with Mike Becker and of Nature Shapes and David Murphy of Imaginary Surf Co and the Murphy Bed. HA! You can't complain there is nothing to do this week. - SMASH

Oh, and this already happened...

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Well, jeez, there's certainly a lot of good surfing in here. And the music is all good and shit...

Women of the Seven Seas Surf Film Festival

Well, there's a good idea.  Click the pic to check it out.  

Reef Presents Cyrus Sutton's Compassing at Picture Farm Gallery

I'm fitting into place the rolls of insulation that will hopefully keep me warm this winter.  The pink stuff looks and feels pliant enough.  It's light and floppy and easy to stuff into the crevices I've created. The lurking devil, the wolf in pink clothing, is the insidious embedding of a thousand micro bits of glass, tucking themselves in my skin, waiting to wake me later on with an incessant itch. Yeah, this t-shirt is toast. Lentini is cutting the stuff to fit, I'm stuffing the stuff in.  He is somehow unaffected.  He has this weird constitution, Lentini. He can work for hours on end, talk for longer and he doesn't seem to sleep.  I think he may be my opposite on the energy spectrum.
"Are we surfing in the morning?"
"Yeah, they opened back up the outer beach."
"Jesus, I haven't surfed in months."
"Ha, you're going to suck."
"Yep, hope my knees don't dissolve for good."
"When Dave and I skate we don't let anyone skate with us unless they've got kids. It's like if you don't have kids you have time to actually work on skatey maneuvers.  Like you've got 6 hours to work on a single trick.  We've got maybe 30 minutes a week to roll around and fail."
"Heh, I wanna take a surf trip, all by myself, to some secluded right point break and just work the kinks out for a week.  I wanna do it all alone and get back into surfing shape.  I can't stand the thought of people seeing me kook out."
"Yep.  That's why you gotta surf with surfers who don't surf."

Come witness the evolving product of somebody who actively pursues a surfing lifestyle.  A heartwarming, eyeopening whodidit.  Picture Farm Gallery Tomorrow night, the 15th of August, 2013, 6ish to ten-ish.  There will be good people, good times and good drinks (and maybe a taco truck!) with an after party drink special hoopla at Crown Victoria around the corner.

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Happening : M Clark in M Tauk

This Sunday, Whalebone are joining us with surf photographer Matthew Clarke to showcase never seen before footage of recent surf trip to the Mentawai Islands. 

Come along from 6pm for Pig Roast and Montauk Brewing Company specials along with live performances from Hayride Casualties and Montauk Project here in Sole East Resort and Backyard Restaurant

Watch, Vote, Participate.

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Happening : Tonight, Salty Times. Salty Times Tonight.

Disaffected Satisfied Youth: You Can Watch Slow Dance Now (For A Limited Time)

Go to today, August 8th to stream Slow Dance live for 24 hrs starting 6 am pacific standard time.
Or go to iTunes to buy it.

Happening: Water On Walls

Tomorrow night in yonder Asbury Park for the "If you're NJ bound" crowd.

Happening : Shaun Tomson

Legendary South African surfmeister Shaun Tomson brings his inspirational blend of bravado and sensitivity to New York in the form of his book and himself.  Release party Tuesday, Q&A with (the walking surf history archive also known as) Ty Breuer Wednesday.  Yet another surfy week away from the surf on the horizon.

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Cyrus Sutton comes to Picture Farm

Compassing is about finding freedom. In the summer of 2013, award-winning filmmaker and free surfer, Cyrus Sutton ( took the trip of his dreams. After converting his old Ford Econoline van into a custom wood-and-steel-camper, he set out on a 60-day, 3000-mile journey into the heart of Mexico in search of "Freedom." Some of the best Pacific Ocean swells in recent memory provide an action-packed backdrop for Sutton’s signature storytelling to explore the meaning of freedom and surf with the friends met along the way.

The film will premiere 6pm on August 15th at Picture Farm Gallery, 338 Wythe Ave Brooklyn, NY 11249, a neighborhood art gallery and community center in Williamsburg. Sutton will be on hand to discuss his experience with the film. The evening will also feature a live performance by NYC’s New Myths and an art show of selected photos from Sutton’s journey.

The Bobby Fisher Show at OutEast

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One Wave

Well I don't know what these people are on about.  Something about fighting depression and malcontentment.  And I have a hunch malcontentment isn't an official word.  But if you're into dressing up in bright colors and showing up where there are other people with a similar satisfaction matrix, and if you'd like to stand up against those pesky malcontentment monsters, go here, then.

The World In The Curl

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via Le Sabich