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Happening : This Weekend at PF Gallery... In Ellipses and Acronyms.

Recently I was made aware of FOMO... or Fear Of Missing Out. Apparently this has been a diagnosed social media generated affliction for some time, leaving me yet again to suffer my own reoccurrence of FOKNAA... or Fear Of-Not Knowing Anything Anything. I learned about it from this article which detailed the new cool term FOGO... or Fear Of Going Out. This instantly piqued in me a dormant autoimmune fever of FOKMUB... or Fear Of Knowing Much Bullshit.

The article did casually brush the sideburns of something I've been feeling lately. A sort of Instagram Life Crisis I've been experiencing. Or, I suppose, ILC. my instagram feed is a veritable constant vomit stream of gorgeous, and not so gorgeous, surf imagery. Of surfers surfing and waves waving and people generally getting better at, or the better of, something that is pretty much paramount to my existence... while I am not. There, I said it. Existence. Existential. And earlier, crisis.

So now you know where my head's been at.

Anyhow, get off your silly, worried buttocks and head down to the once-definitely-less-hip-but-now-hilariously-more-hip-Southside-of-Williamsburg this Friday night and experience the healing qualities of gorgeous surf imagery in the flesh. A turn of events that will spell out a sure bout of GoDIGIDiT... or God Damn I'm Glad I Did That.

And then Saturday and Sunday figure a way to repeat the trek for IDNW... or It Doesn't Not Work.
You'll get a sort of mild acid flashback of GoDIGIDiT, I promise.

Ahhhh... Home: Home of the Hipster Cliche.

As documented by Huck. There are more there... 

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The Best Interview The Endless Bummer New York No Surf Surf Blog of Champions Has Ever Posted That Was Authored By Someone Else

You’ve been doing collections all over the world.
Let’s not exaggerate. The world is very big.
Okay, let’s say you’ve been doing collections in varied places. Why?
I don’t have to go to a place to spend time there, to get involved. It’s all in my imagination. It’s not a reconstitution. It’s an evocation, which is very different. We are not into historical detail, we are into mood. I have a girl who works for me who is from Korea, and she is afraid — she says we are not Korean enough, and I say I don’t want to be Korean. Forget about your folklore. I can take a few inspirations, but I can certainly not do an homage. That’s not my trip. I’m a fashion vampire. I take what I need and I leave the rest.
So what are you going to suck out of New York?
Nothing. I see nothing, I do nothing, I do everything from my room in the Mercer, working at my desk on things with Choupette keeping me company — I don’t force her, by the way. She comes naturally.
If you stay inside all the time, where do you find inspiration?
I have kind of flashes in my mind and I try to put them on paper. Thinking? No. That is too serious. I am kind of good with words, so I could tell you a complicated story about inspiration or whatever, but no. In fact, I don’t even know myself. That is the big secret of the story. That there is no story. I see things in the middle of the night. I draw them on paper and I don’t even think about it. I’m like a machine in a way — just made of some electronic stuff. Vaguely digital.
So you never go out?
I imagine the world from my window. I’m happy wherever I am. I’m very happy to be in the Mercer right now because I bring myself with me wherever I go, thank God. Traveling, I think it’s a nightmare today. The airports and things the people in the street with the selfies … I like to stay at home and read.
What are you reading?
I will not talk about that. I like to read biographies, history, philosophical things like this. But it’s for my private use, and not for making people say,Oh, how clever this stupid man is. I don’t make intellectual conversation. I’m very superficial. I’m just a fashion designer. Fashion designers look at fashion magazines, right?
Do you watch movies or TV?
I don’t go to movie theaters because I don’t want to be photographed by strangers. People bother me wherever I go. I like to imagine the world my way. I don’t want second-rate images of the world.
What were you going for with the protest show?
My mother was a feminist. One of her heroes was Hedwig Dohm, who started to be a feminist in Germany in the 1800s when women had not a great position. People don’t refer to her enough in this world. And my mother, you know, she thought women should be alive … she would always tell the men around her how things should be done. She was very tough, and very nasty. My father was very sweet and her victim. My father found exactly the wife that was not for him. He could never relax.
Whom are you more like, your mother or your father?
I am more like my mother. She used to say, You look like me but not as good. And this is just the kind of line I use.

The original & rest of this interview can be found here...

Today's Thought from I Fucking Love Science

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Today's Lentini Liner Note

"I'm a hack at everything.  But what is hilarious is I am turning into that guy who shows up on a brown water logged surfboard with his kids in tow. And the brown board isn't ironic. I can't word this, but I always remember growing up seeing dudes with their families set up on the beach BBQing and doing family shit and always seeing this old browned thruster from like '82 on the beach and now I'm realizing those guys bought that board the year their year kid was born and then they were never selfish again."

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The Plastic Age from iD

Today's Thought

via the Cajun, Digg, You Tube, Rachel Redhouse and Sizzler.

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Today's Thought : Surfing on the Edge of Grief

A nice little thought process, reminiscence pondering on Medium.