Monday, March 20, 2017



It’s that time of year again to bring out your most creative and boldest designs. SMASH Productions, Picture Farm Gallery and BoardPorn are pleased to announce the fourth installment of the It Doesn’t Not Work Surfboard Show.

IDNW will once again make space for the presentation of experimental shapes to support the community of innovators keeping the art & craft of surf-riding design interesting. This is a call out to all shapers to submit their wildest and most experimental boards: thrusters, single fins, no fins, twin fins, bonzers, alaias, handplanes, paipos, slashers, mashers, trimmers, swimmers and as-yet-to-be-named experiments for display and symposium at Picture Farm Gallery starting May 19-21, 2017.

Share your work in progress, your masterpieces, and be sure not to leave out your greatest disappointments. It Doesn’t Not Work celebrates the journey behind surf craft design. We want to know the boards that are proven to work, the crafts that are proven to not work and the thought process that lead from one model to the next.

Send us your designs: Submissions of an original shape or a unique construction that you have built yourself. Extra points if you've built more than one, have revised the design and can show the evolution! Submissions: Go to It Doesn't Not Work Registration to submit your wave riding apparatus. Submissions end May 1st, 2017. Please include images of each entry and please be sure to include a description of the design.

It Doesn’t Not Work will be a weekend pop-up event filled with conversation, mind expansion, film screenings, prizes, and beer! The process of surf craft design is not one limited to the big machines of the surf industry, or solely belonging to the heralded masters of the craft, it is a living folk art on an equally democratic level. Join us in the continually evolving conversation between local craftsman and the sea… and the creations that relationship spawns.

About It Doesnt Not Work: The IDNW inaugural event took place in May of 2014, a result of some mental sparks between S.M.A.S.H Surf's Tyler Breuer, Imaginary Surf Co.'s David Murphy and Picture Farm's Toddy Stewart. A surf craft exposition that explores the process of the art & craft of surf-riding design, the event aims to discuss these experimental shapes, works in progress and tried-and-true formulas.

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