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History Of Surfing

Matt (or as I like to call him intimately, Matty, or sometimes The Big Mattismo) and I've had a couple back and forths in the "comment & reply" section on Facebook, which basically means we're super tight. I'd say, you know, I reckon, we were approaching best friend category. And then he pulls one of these on me, you know, this History of Surfing website crap. It's a total ripoff. What does he think I'm doing over here, sitting on my hands? Well, to borrow a phrase, I'll just lay claim to EBNY as the Living History of Surfing. Anyhow, I guess his version is alright. I'm not sure where this leaves us in the circle and stuff, but I'll let it slide, forgive the pun.

Happening : Coming up at Picture Farm Gallery

You can buy the seat but you'll only use the edge. The Picture Farm Gallery 2017 Winter Season is about to go full Begbie. First up: Exit Light, a group photo exhibit that features the work of the people who get a touch less attention in the image making world, namely assistants, producers and editors. 

Then, the PF Film Fest returns for its third year with a timely curatorial agenda focused on "alternative" lifestyles, environmental consciousness and political commentary.

Check out to read up and get ready.