Friday, September 28, 2012

Jamie Brisick's Burgeoning Career as a Homewrecker

Today's Thought

One More Skatey Thingy

This is nice. I am not a skateboarder, but this is nice. Flow is nice. I don't flow so great sometimes, but this is nice.

Les Powells

Every now and then an email comes through with someone asking for us to advertise something on here. Usually, if it's a straight advert we'll say no. If it's an announcement of a surfy function happening in New York, we'll say yes. Sometimes it's a surf-related thingamabobber they've posted on You Tube. We pass those up more often than not since usually they don't have too much to do with what we are struggling with here in the Big Apple. But this morning an email popped up that linked to a vid from NC that featured the East Coasty waves and some East Coasty surfing by East Coasty guys that fits the bill just fine. This fits into the "why not" category.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yes : Gato Heroi, Great Music, Super Surfing & You

If there is a problem with this, I'm not sure what it is...

Salt Surf: A New (to us) Gig In Town

New York is a surfing hub.  Let's just accept it and get on with dealing with the ridiculousness of our decision to live here. These guys, Salt Surf, are doing their thing here as well.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Surf Challenge!

Sundown Surf Shop and the Atlantic Surfing Federation are pleased to announce the Sundown Surf Challenge will be held Saturday September 29, 2012 at Lido Town Beach, 630 Lido Blvd., Lido Beach, NY 11561. The Sundown Surf Challenge is being held in conjunction with the Town of Hempstead’s Family Festival by the Sea, which runs Saturday and Sunday September 29th and 30th. The Family Festival by the Sea will bring food vendors, bands, and other family friendly activities to the park adjacent to the beach. 
This contest is stop #3 of the ASF NY Chapter’s 2012-2013 competition season.

The ASF welcomes all to try our events. If you are a current ASF member you are welcome to compete in any contest, regardless of location. The NY Chapter has welcomed surfers from NY, NJ, DE, VA, and RI among others at its prior contests. If you are not currently an ASF member you are welcome to “try before you buy”. Register for this event and if you enjoy yourself we will be able to accept memberships on the beach, or you may mail your membership to ASF headquarters. All current members will acquire valuable points that are the basis for next year’s invitations to 2013 Atlantic Surfing Championships, to the Surfing America’s Prime Series (for Under 18 competitors), to the Surfing America USA Surfing Championships for the Over 18 competitors.

Online registration is available at The deadline for entry is 11:59 PM DST on Thursday September 27, 2012. Please be aware that we will ONLY take beach entries to fill slots that were not filled by online registration. We will not be adding any additional heats on the beach. Get your entries in and please feel free to share this information with others who might be interested.

The Heart & The Sea

This morning I had to return a cargo van I'd rented for the weekend. I got up around six, put in my contact lenses, some pants, a shirt and a jacket. Shoes. Socks even. I went downstairs, started the van and returned it to the place on West 27th and 10th Ave. Then I walked back down to the M subway station on 23rd and 6th and took that back to my apartment where I made my son breakfast, put some clothes on him and took him to school. It was open house day at his elementary so wifey and I stuck around for a couple hours listening to the teacher and drinking coffee and talking with other parents. Nathan Oldfield's stuff always has a good look. And by look I don't just mean how it looks, you know, the colors and composition and all that blah, but even more how it feels. He just taps into the bit of life we sort of try to steer toward. And when I say "we" I mean those of us who do. Something about family and friends and easy easy and mellow mellow and smiles and hugs and happiness and live and let live and all that smut. Lotsa people don't jive with that route. They don't like all the sentimental stuff. I mean, I know people who don't. I'm pretty good friends with a bunch of people like that. Maybe they'd cross their eyes at Nathan's sensitivities. It's all too jolly and soft and unrealistic to them. I get it. But I'm not like that. Not necessarily anyhow. I guess there are all sorts of questions about how good we have it. About how our population is such a favored, fortunate, and minuscule percentile. True that, true that.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happening: Justin Jay Beach Access

Few local surf fotogs get the sort of access Justin Jay does.  He has some sort of knack for it.  And he's having a gallery show in Manhattan documenting his travels on the North Shore with surfing's professional elite.  A New York eye in the country.  

Severson & Blake

via Smash, that font of all good things...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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I permanently fucked up my heretofore tenuously balanced expectation matrix when I bought that house. 
Text Message to Brian  09.19.2012

Regurgitated Instagram Photos.  @endlessbummerny

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Thanks Moose.

Happening: A 1/2 World Away But Here in our Hearts

October 3rd Dyezu Documentary" The Found Beauty@ Volcom Harajuku store

October 5-8 Dyezu Exerimental Art Surf Shop Exhibition@Volcom Sendagaya Showrooms

Surf Art By... er, In Surf Art's Name

Friday, September 14, 2012

Brooklyn Surf Flea Market @ Union Pool

The crowds recede again. I think this summer has been more ponderous than most in many ways. The surf, first of all, was mostly awful. The crowds out east, by most accounts, were even more harrowing than usual. But as the waves grow in size  the temperature plummets in response and things tend to thin out. Opportunitiy laid bare. Now is your chance to get sensible gear for next year. Or, if you've ginned yourself up to make a go of winter surf for the first time, your chance to stock up for the hard months. Pilgrim is having their usual payday this weekend, and the next you'll find this:

Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story

via Noah le Sabich

Thursday, September 13, 2012


My first snowboard, purchased during the Reagan years, was a Sims Switchblade.
It changed my life.

The Final Installment of the 2012 Summer Blather Series

The slow unwitting descent into my digital coffin is a sentence that cries out to be corrected. Or at least understood within the nuances of the digital medium itself. Because really, it wasn't slow. By digiweb standards the fourteen or so years it has taken me from the moment I put my digits to keyboard in employ of my very first digital manipulation software to the last Instagram I tweeted is an eternity. And truth be told, I lucidly pursued the digital medium with a sort of single minded fervor for the last decade. I can even admit that the whole time I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into. The loss of privacy, both in terms of the tangible external as well as the personal conceptual was not something I hadn't foreseen to a degree. I knew what I was doing would be recorded forever and I looked to it as a sort of personal diary that anyone could read at any moment, and specifically, at some point, that "anyone" became my son. I was even prepared for the slight shifts in perception that might occur with a sort of constantly running public commentary. I had planned on it, even, hoping that my powers of observation, both literary and visually, might be enhanced; that I might learn to pay attention more; keep my eyes and ears open for those snippets of happenstance I could turn into a plausible web log. I created a whole mini-network of related portals: an art and writing blog for a kind of running, chaptered journal of projects, the portfolio-ish blog for more one-time ideas, a community video blog for friendly musical dalliances, a Tumblr where I collect "inspirational" images, this very blog to help stoke my passion for surfing, a LinkedIn account and a Facebook account where I could carefully cultivate my online personality, two separate Vimeo accounts to showcase all the video work I do, countless friends and family fantasy sports leagues I have interacted through, a business website that even has a blog attached to that to update recent projects and a website umbrella sort of entity thing to list each one in case anyone ever wanted it all under one roof. And now, lately, I've started a Twitter account that I still can't wrap my brain around, but likely will, and an Instagram page that has easily become something of an obsession. And throughout all this, I knew what I was getting into. I knew I'd be accepting the inevitable fate of our generation and those generations to come of full inter-connected chuminess. I bowed to the realization that there is little that will halt the march toward total information surrender. I was prepared, I thought, for everything. But not quite. What I wasn't prepared for, that is, what I'm not prepared for, as it hits me with successive waves of mental nausea, is how all this really has changed my perception, not the observational sort interacting with the world around me in a literary and engaged way, but my perception of time and my existence in it. It is an existential thing, perception of time. For now, as I zip around on my bicycle, taking my son to school, running errands, I stop and check my email. Now as I drive out to the beach for a surf, or to pick up groceries, I glance at my phone to see if I've got any texts. Now, with the world happening all around me in big bold colors, loud crashes and pungent smells, somehow now I wonder if I'm missing something else happening online or elsewhere. I wonder if such and such a thing I just saw would translate from this world here, into that world there quickly enough. And frankly, I think I am subconsciously starting to consider that world there to be the primary one. The world of universal, inclusive communication has started to become the real world. And this world here, the old "real" world, with its slow moving time frames, its increasingly hampered and disjointed series of communicated events, is starting to move too slow. I'm not getting enough, fast enough. That red building isn't telling me enough. That barking dog isn't saying enough to me. That poopy smell isn't bequeathing me enough current events. I need to know more, and faster. I need to stay tuned in. I need constant updates and I need to be able to comment on them, not these. And this might very well change my understanding of life and existence and what it means to be. The digiweb world is reaching out through my phone and my computer and even my car and starting to alter my perceptions of the non-digiweb world, embedding itself there in the process. An incredible thing, this.  An incredible thing that no matter how cognizant I am of it happening, I am not cognizant enough.

Fire & Water


I'm A Sucker For Classical Music

Reapplied Neat

It's That Time of Year Again

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Girls, Surfing, Girls

Ty B. regularly turns us on to surfy reads.  Often enough by Tetsuhiko Endo.  Here is a rather exhaustive look at certain harsh realities.

Straight Back Days

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The September Issue

Things have been hectic. Good hectic maybe mentally manipulated into bad hectic. The kind of hectic that takes you out of your comfort zone and doesn't necessarily put you in an uncomfortable zone, just a different sort of comfort zone you gotta get used to. And the waves have been decent. And the season is changing fast. Hot to warm to cool. The moisture is going out of the air. Lips are getting chapped. Sinuses are clogging. Stress mounts and recedes in that natural way that feels like the pace of the waves when looked at close up then seems like the pace of tides when looked at from far away. And in all this we try to record every minute minute. In our head, in our camera, on our walkie talkies. We sit down to dinner and try to tank out what information we can from each other. It's like yanking teeth. And then, moment irretrievable, the realization hits after the chance is squandered. We resolve to do better, saying next time, next time. Repeating next time, next time. And we believe it. I believe it anyhow. I hope you do too. And back to those decent waves. I've been admittedly irresponsible, then adamantly very very responsible. Depends on who's side your on. Thursday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. Missed Wednesday, skipped Friday, watched onshore Saturday's mess. Prodigal EBNY Tiger Beat Correspondent Ed Cornell has done that thing the first word of the sentence implies, in the process sending through some very nice snap shots of what it's like to be a New York surfer in the right spot at the right time. It was very very fun indeed.

All photos © Ed Cornell

Nine Eleven

Today is the day we pick up arms. The day we answer the call to duty. Make war on ignorance, make war on pettiness, make war on intolerance. Here's to those who lost their lives.
At the risk of being less than "memorial" I offer up a few choice viewings from today's digital media social marketplace. Take a load off. Take the edge off. Punch people in the face if you want, just make sure they are the intolerant people. Then hug them afterward. Eleven years ago today I was sitting next to Joe Namath in mid town watching the towers fall. Today I am sitting in my office in Brooklyn surrounded by friends watching these things. Hallelujah.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

We Surfed Great Waves With No One Else Around and All We Got Was This Stupid Instagram Photo Of a House Boat

September Has Hit

With any sort of steely resolve matched with some unheard of time management we here at EBNY will not post for a while.  And when we do it will be to present fuzzy, hurriedly taken pre and post session photos.  Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Contest Season is Upon Us Apparently

Under The Sun Movie Night

We've taken to posting whatever Ty Breuer has put up on Facebook. Really, it's the best source of information. Anyhow... MOVIE NIGHT!


September 2, 2012 Long Beach, NY-

The City of Long Beach hosts the 2nd “surf movie on the beach” event at dusk on Saturday, September 8th on National Beach. “Under The Sun”, a film by Emmy award-winning director Cyrus Sutton will make its’ debut at this free public screening courtesy of SMASH (Surf /Movies/Art/Shaping/History) and in collaboration with the Long Beach Surfers Association, the Long Island Motion Picture Arts Center & Museum (with a grant from Legislator Denise Ford) and Artists in Partnership, Inc. The film is a documentary shot in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, Australia and produced with support from Ubiquity Records. Often dark and subversive, this brilliant super 16mm film explores the roots of surfing commercialism while striking a compelling story through stunning surfing shots and never-before-seen 70’s footage.
Starring: Dave Rastovich, Nat Young, Beau Young, Rabbit Bartholomew, and Dean Morrison. Bring your chairs and blankets.

Richard Phillips, A Guy in Blue Suit With Big Glasses, Tyler Breuer, Lindsay Lohan, Some Surfable Waves and Some Crisp Paintings, You and a Rare Bird

You may remember Richard Phillips from such EBNY posts as this.
Or you may know him from such T.V, appearances as this:

An avid surfer and successful artist, Mr. Phillips has a show going up at the Gagosian.
Ty Breuer says you should go see his large-scale glossy hyper-realistic paintings, recalling the pictorial style of magazines from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and reflecting traditions of popular image culture. His paintings represent close-up portraits, predominantly of women from fashion and soft porno magazines, but also persons from the fields of pop music and politics.
As Mr. Phillips himself might caution: "My pictures involve a kind of wasted beauty - that's always been a thread in my work."

This has been a test of the EBNY Emergency Blogcast System.  This was only a test.  Were it a real EBNY Web Log posting it would be otherwise.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lapsed Catholics has Legs

It is turning into the little quasi surf film that could. Thanks to the tireless cheerleading of some very intelligent and tasteful folk, The Surf Magazines Don't Talk About Lapsed Catholics is still out there being seen. And soon you can see the low-fi high-brow short in London.  Thanks to Chris, maybe even Jamie and mos def undeniably Tyler.

Happening: Waves Pool Party

There will always be the theoretical detractors who don't buy into this sort of thing. The theoretical nature of their objections being rational enough and all that. And yet despite all the anti-patronistic and de-colonial baying, barking and belittling that comes out of the mouths of some great contemporary thinkers on just that topic, it still seems like the best thing to do is to experience the world in order to understand it. It still seems like the best thing to do is try.

Advertising that Strikes a Chord

It is very much feeling this way.