Friday, December 31, 2010

Far Away Travels

Hola Todd
Que pasa? Como esta California. LLegamos en Buenos Aires ayer de las playas de Uruguay. Que linda. No hay mucho surf y siempre hay viento "on shore" Pero con las aleta de nadada son muy divertido. La temperatura es 25c mejor que la nieve en ny. Joder.
Ok va por los vinos y mas matte. Hasta Pronto. Feliz Ano Nuevo chico.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little Late, But Just In Time.

via Surf Collective

"I've Never Gotten Permanently Lost" -Mimi Stewart

Antonio has gone out of radio contact, touring summery South America with Mrs. Antonio. The other half, this half, the one you're reading, has been at the North County HQ collecting data and beer belly and probably hep. The following is something of a trip slide show, one I can only hope reads close to the sort of slide show your uncle used to put on about his trip to Athens and the Grand Canyon, each meticulously noted chrome coming standard with flare bell bottoms, lambchops, brushy mustache, awkward nudes and thumbs up. At least that's how I remember them...


Old Mans Family Outting: No matter what Dustin Franks says, we were there. He just didn't recognize the right rubber dinosaur and Tonka truck combination. Fun thigh high waves, Pedro's hash brown tacos and Bud Lites. Family time.

Tip Top Breakfast Bonanza: Where Grandpa shows the boy how to make the fine surfy art while waiting for pancakes.

Stinky Swarmies: Dana makes fun of me. He hassles me about how I profess to like surfing alone while spending all my time at Old Mans and Swamis. But I like to go surfing early see... early. East Coast time has it's benefits, taking advantage of all these lazy Californians is pretty easy. So long as Jack doesn't take his sweet time getting here.

Cardiff, The Other Way: Tia and Uncle Dana get to wake up to this sight every day. Not so bad.

Sweaty Thursday: Carmel gifted me a new winter suit from her pals at Matuse, so we head down to the Law Offices to try on a couple. Stan, The Man from Gig Harbor, treats us right with the quality selections, and I slip into a brand new 654 Tumo. Honestly the most supple rubber I've felt in such a thick suit. Getting in and out was surprisingly easy, even after the sauna effect set in. Matuse John dropped by just to extol the virtues of limestone rubber and Slam Ball. I can't wait to make the thing work in the Atlantic. Well, I'll wait, sure. Don't need to get ahead of myself.

The Best Bumper Sticker Yet: "Drinking Won't Solve You're Problems, But Passing Out Will."

via Joe F.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Has this seen the loop? Has this been a million other places I haven't looked lately? Probably. But it's always fun to happen upon something great in a place one doesn't usually look. This is great, haven't seen it before and if you have... watch it again. Why not?

Montauk Kodachrome

The Kodachrome was baking in the summer Brooklyn sun. 25¢, the sign read. I grabbed as much as I could carry. There were others, old black and whites of varietals now difficult to process, chromes of rescinded value. All fogged I guessed, but at a quarter, worth every grubby piece. And, oddly enough, that's what I had. A bag full of quarters. Raiding the jar for the ice cream dough instead of taking money out of the auto teller. We'd had our ice cream and I had magically enough left over for a new horde of crappy film to clutter the fridge. Not that cooling it would save the stuff. Montauk in Kodachrome. The sort of Kodachrome twenty five cents will buy in two thousand ten.

"Here's the lowdown from DelMar
Water temp in the low 40's
Air temp in the low 30's with a 25mph offshore winds bringing it just
a bit chillier.
I can't think of a better time to go surfing."
-Ed Cornell

Monday, December 27, 2010

24 Hours in a NY Surfer's Life: Note the Final Stoke

From the comfort of SoCal, Courtesy of Facebook
Thanks to Surf Fire Island, Lola Belle, Johnny Young & Trevor King

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cheer from The Godfather

The boy's godfather trots the globe filming large non-human mammals that live below water, smaller yet still large non-human mammals that live above water, and fish, fowl and lizards. I don't think he films insects. That's not his bag. When he is back in the town where his house is, he makes other kinds of films. Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Surfing Death in NY

Surf Fire Island

Gems, precious stones and solid gold.  Surf Fire Island.
The most consistent spot for Long Island photographic documentation.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ed Cornell : November Journal 2

All Fots © Ed Cornell

Ed Cornell & Co. traverse the seaboard, camera in hand, hot coffee at the ready and what we can only assume are smiles smiles smiles. Every now and then he drops us a line and a handful of photos. And then, even more smiles.