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Daughter Surf Movie

The trailer for the Daughter film has dropped, which is confusing because we thought the trailer had already dropped. Isn't there some sort of art film teaser out there for this thing already? Anyhow, here is this. The people who are making this film have a refreshingly arty take on things. Their last one was a ball.

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I don't care how hackneyed this is, I love it.


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North - A Mikey DeTemple Joint

Apparently coming soon.


"Don't do it tomorrow, do it today."

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Today's Thought



Lotsa words from an accomplished and thoughtful surfer here.

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Check this place out. Hurry.

The Cali 250 (or) Toddy Don't Surf

As I've written here a dozen times at least, the initial thinking behind making a surf blog was to simply have something hold us accountable.  We hadn't surfed regularly in a while and we were sick of talking about how lame it all was.  As funny as it sounds, we reckoned if we started talking about it "publicly' we'd be on the hook to actually force it back into our lives.  And that's where this blog still sits.  One particular thing about surfing is the amount of space it takes up in one's life.  Energetically, you've got to be up for it.  The magazines, the websites, the surf blogs, all your surfy friends... there is this tremendous pressure to make surfing the thing on your agenda.  If you're not out there trying as hard as you can to get in the water or do the raddest thing in the water or have the coolest equipment in the water, you might be labeled a poser or a kook or a wannabe.  And it is how it ought to be, frankly.  There simply aren't enough waves to go around.  There, I've said that.  Screw all that hippy dippy shit. There really aren't enough waves. So all that vapid, pugilistic pressure to stay out of the water if you're not already in the water is, in its way, what makes surfing even possible.  But I digress. I still haven't figured out how to make surfing this singular, mindfully mindless pursuit in my life. I mean, it's always there, but damned if the roadblocks don't go up faster than you can knock them down.  Buy a house near a surf break?  A hurricane'll wash it away.  Suit yourself up for winter surf?  Old age dry-docks you. And no matter how hard you try to match the challenge, you're beat down. That's surfing. Unless you're these guys.  Check in on their continuing road trips up and down the California coast trying to make a better forecast the personal way.

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C.R. Stecyk OneTwoThree

So yeah, this guy sets tones for a lot of people. You know who you are.

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Kickstarter Korner

It seems that half the stuff we post up here these days is a some sort of plea for money.  And never on our own behalf.  I wonder if we should start asking for money for ourselves. Hey can you spare a finske?  Hook me up yo, I gotta pay my taxes.

Here's a couple more that are more worthy on different levels...

A Hundred Miles to the End

Bella Vita

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Wooden Spoons

Happening : Grant Cornett at Picture Farm Gallery

Picture Farm Gallery is presenting a collection of photographs from this guy starting May 2nd. 
The show will include a wide variety of motifs and inspirational starting points from the New York photographer. A chance to see a little bit into his mind.  Check out the Facebook page to see the details. You can find more work here.

Happening: Earth Day

Lava Girl Summer Surf Workshops

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The Usual Surf NY Surf Mag

There are a lot of creative people talking about surfing in New York these days.  
Click the pic to check out the latest edition of The Usual.

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A thousand Times Yes. The Cambodia Music Workshop & Turning Tables.

In one of my other lives I meet people from different places doing incredible, possibly important things. In fact, in most of my lives this happens. It is often the outcome of good fortune, lucky timing and proper placement, sometimes the result of living in New York and partly because I just want that sort of thing to happen.  So along comes Martin, a fine soccer player who works with Turning Tables on all sorts of good, awareness inducing projects. Check out what they are doing, and please, a finske or a tenner or even a couple shekels goes a long way to support culture, freedom and artistic opportunity.


Two very different surfy moments via The Aquatic Apes

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Out In the Lineup

Donate to help make this film happen here.
Via Reba.