Friday, September 19, 2008

Facebook Surfing

Da Line McOwen & Son
Tim G.
Snake Carter

Jackie Moonbags
Brandi & Mo
Jon Esh
Petey Sods

I have been finding some funny surf photos of friends on Facebook. It probably says something about me that I belong to Facebook. It probably says something about something that people paste sometimes goofy (but stoking) surf photos of themselves up on Facebook. It definitely says something that I edit a cruddy surf blog about not surfing.
Anyhow, thoughts of the day include the newly minted socialist capitalism that is all of a sudden absolutely necessary while medicine and education, long in a state of crisis, continues to be ignored. The moral writing is on the wall again after a decade or two of being continually whitewashed. It's money that makes the world go round, not people.
Oprah, and through Oprah, women, are going to change the world for the better. It is the only hope. Check the New York Times article on the front page today.
On another moral note, the Godfather pointed out someone's opining that one should never abide by any moral code that limits the ability to tell a joke.

Another foray into actual web logging, most likely a bad idea. But today's impatience with not being in the water must be recorded.


Christian said...

Petey's backside attack is fierce.

It sure does feel like funny money right now, the bail-outs and budget deficit. I'm not sure when we'll hit bottom....

toddy said...

Its a funny time. Chris is always reiterating the joys of the hull and a flex fin, how that thing winds up that snaps you down the line, I reckon that is a pretty good metaphor for the current time.
Let it ride, let the stuff move around beneath the feet, let that fin wind up for a little while, then, at the right time let it shoot you forward.
Lets hope thats how it works.

toddy said...

Heeeyow, just realized that maybe I was wee harch on these photos. Each one made me pretty happy. Goofy is term of endearment for me, so yeah, there you go.