Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skating and Helicopters

The Widge and I used to run around a bit in Santa Barbara. He's a super fluid skater, a fantastic painter and a great guy to go surfing with. When I moved up north, he and Ian would haul boards and guitars up the 101 and we'd play music and wrinkle our noses at water. He joined us in New York a while ago. We see each other irregularly. It is one of those enigmatic shames one has to live with. Anyhow, he made this rad film with which I have absconded and posted here. It is damn fine relevant.
God bless Townes.
(hi-res version here)
(another Widge joint here)


toddy said...

and check out to spy his paintings.

Kris said...

man, thanks for the props. you're a good friend todd, even if we don't see each other much. maybe you guys can come over in a week or two and meet townes and see our new apartment.

Christian said...

That was very cool. Love the music.