Monday, December 22, 2008

Holy Man and the Pelican

Carlsbad Bureau 12/22/2oo8

Music: Kronos Quartet playing Louis Hardin


Christian said...

That is very cool. Makes me miss North County,

Toddy said...

Man, that was some fast viewing!

Christian said...

Very fast!

Vids like this are cool because I can really relate to them. Holy Man and the Pelican is pretty much the way most of our sessions are. While I appreciate watching Kelly Sl9ter ride stand up barrels in Indodesia, well, it's way beyond me.

Do you know what camera he uses in the water?

Toddy said...

Oh, the Carlsbad Bureau is me. I am here whenever I get the chance, shich is a few holidays a year.
I shoot using one of those Canon digital point and shoot cameras on video setting with a water housing. Real lo-pro.