Wednesday, December 3, 2008

San Onofre State Beach Inspires Some Recollections and Thought Processes That Take Roughly Ten Minutes of Disjointed Footage to Illuminate.

(or adventures in sentimentality through long winded phrasing and confusing math)

Thanksgiving 2oo8
Music by Luke Temple

(Another, shorter film about San Onofre


Christian said...

Your connection and history with that place is amazing. It's such a special park. Well done.

Santa Cruz Bureau said...

I'm convinced the day I put a deposit on a flat in the city, you will be in north county signing the deed on a mom and pop gas station.

toddy said...

You got me pegged, that's for sure. But I love New York. And as soon as you get here, there will be one more reason to stay.

toddy said...

Thanks Christian. It is a bit long and meandering, this film, but thats been pretty fun to do lately.

Christian said...

The style is great. I'm learning that the vids I make for me and my friends are the ones I like the most.

Toddy said...

I received another historical bit the other day from Uncle Hawk, a man I'd love to do a video profile on at some point:

"I went with a guy named Otis Chandler who a couple of years later became the owner of the Los Angeles Times, he was an Olympian too. Look him up. He took me and my brother when I was 15, Dan was 16 1/2, our first time there and maybe our 5th time surfing, so it was a big deal. My dad was there too. I have a book about Chandler, if you want more info about him, I have a book about him. We called him Animal behind his back."