Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quakey OZ

Melbourne hit by tremor

  • Mex Cooper, Paul Millar
  • March 18, 2009

A second 4.6 earthquake has hit Korumburra, shaking buildings and homes across Melbourne and leaving scientists at a loss to explain why the town has been struck twice in two weeks.

Today's quake struck at 4.28pm, five kilometres north-west of Korumburra, 90 kilometres south-east of Melbourne and at the same spot where a 4.6 magnitude quake occurred on March 6.

Looks like the "BIG ONE" is imminent.....better get the f@%k out of here before the whole place burns & breaks up!


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toddy said...

heh, you;ll get some crosseyed looks from some Californians I know.
But yeah, head back man!
(I still haven't found you that job.)