Thursday, April 23, 2009

Central & Nth Coast Oz

Here's a pic from the swellnet site today. It's absolutely cooking up North at the moment,

Check this report & start foaming at the mouth:

Ballina Daily Surf Report

Updated: Fri Apr 24th, 7:00am
Surf: clean 6ft+
Wind: light W
Weather: fine and sunny
Dawn Patrol: (Please read, aloud if you wish, in your best South African accent). It's absolutely cooking out there this morning bru. Big, clean lines from the ESE with a straight offshore wind and sunny skies. It's definitely muscled right back up with solid 6ft waves and some bigger bomb sets, I tune you bru. Everywhere is just off the richter, if you have the skills bru there are some mighty barrels on the beachies, but you'd need some luck to be able to paddle out there. The Points are just lakka and will get seriously perfect when the tide drops. This is definitely an Epic day bru. Be careful on those rock jumps, it's gnarly. H 7.27 L1.30

Pity i'm stuck in the depths of the city!



Jeff DiNunzio said...

damn, that's sounds sexy--and heavy.

also, back from DC and finally employed in NYC (office in Times Sq--fanny packs and city maps, oh my!).

so if you've got any decent surf spots you can share w/out giving away any secrets, let me know. don't know the long island coast at all.

gustav said...

Hey Jeff, speak to Antonio over at Consulate for the inside scoop on trains & stuff. I did it once, where we got up super early & got to Flatbush in Brooklyn for the Long Island Rail Road Trek up to Strong Island. All good, we got waves aswell, which was a bonus & met this really cool french dude who was chasing waves aswell! Antonio or the french dude might be up for a dawn patrol with u!


楊承琳yaya said...