Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beyond the compositional elements of a surf photo, there are many angles of criticism and types of wonder to consider when looking at the actual subject matter. Sometimes it is the sheer speed and power generated, a sure sign of the rider's understanding of the dynamic situation and the ability to manipulate that momentum at critical moments. Sometimes it is the flow and trim, the subtle use of the provided energy to make even the most fleeting feelings obvious. And sometimes it is the dance. Those moments of balance and rhythm, of angle and step, the lines drawn against both hard and soft. Leroy Grannis knew how to capture that well.

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rebeccajane said...


I think I just start to imagine surfing the way the pictures tell it - from the shore, from the wave, from down the line - but then you see something and you think "fresh!"

And get excited again.

And sure, this picture isn't new but I love love love it.