Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Days of Beer and Roses

Carlsbad Bureau, Tommy & Reba's Wedding

When I'm in North County, things take a decidedly homely turn. It's a casserole filled with family, surfing and letting the boy get his fill. It is also about morning Budweiser, afternoon gin and Cessi's burritos. Koko Beach, Pollo Maria, Leucadia Donut Shoppe and Pizza Port all make sneaky appearances. And if I really haven't been around in a while, In 'n Out is a must. The twenty minute drive up to San O and Church or the 10 minute ride down to Swami's inevitably happens once or twice. And every now and then, for good measure and for a clear mind, I remember to sleep on the beach. The Santa Cruz Mullis Compendium tries to plan their trips down to San Clemente as close as they can to our scheduled visits, and Tommy and Reba always make an appearance for a night or two. If we are extra lucky, the Sacramento and SLO Stewarts make the trek. If we are even more extra lucky, the Santa Barbara Demmons drive down. Abuelita is around, Mimi is around, G&P, Tia, Buelo and Uncle are around. It is a magical place filled with magical people and the expectation is to have a good time.

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