Friday, May 22, 2009

For better or for worse (and it's really for worse on so many levels) the warm air of summer stokes the surf brain like nothing else. Really in the end, it should be about surfing all year round, sure. But I'll be damned if a little higher air temp doesn't do something special. And so my mind has been racing with renewed fervor to realms aquatic. So much so that the nightly surf dream has nearly returned. This is such an odd thing as I am not surfing with any consistency and waking up from bobbing in the ocean every morning only goes that much further to making me feel like a wannabe. In this crazed fever, I've been perusing the surf blog universe with what, for me, amounts to a vengeance. That is probably still not as much as some (or most) but it amounts to a lifetime of time consumption for my type. Its pretty astounding what one finds floating around in the air on just a cursory glance. A full week of real surf blog scouting has opened up all sorts of international expressions of the pursuit. It is a nice thing to peek in on. Of course this pastime opens the proverbial cans of worms and slippery slopes that do nothing to temper "healthy self-destructive" and "socially anti-social" behaviors.
My favorite thing lately? Mastastico calling the below photo of Mike and Chris "adorable." And god dammit, it is.

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