Thursday, August 13, 2009


I met Viss out in the water a few weeks ago. I'd seen him around. We started a conversation after I had accidentally (I swear) taken two set waves in a row. We laughed about it. I probably a little jollier than he. During the winter he works out in Colorado doing ski mountain stuff and skiing his brains out. He looks like a ski mountain guy. I know, I grew up around them. I think maybe at one point I tried to look like a ski mountain guy. There are definitely embarrassing pictures of the awkward attempt out there to that effect. Anyhow, Viss comes back in the summers to visit his ancestral home in the Mastic Shirley area and to surf at Smitty's. I had one shot of him actually surfing a wave, but as luck would have it I took the photo a fraction too late, right after he had landed that sick lolipop cheesburger mcfraction aerial, so he looks a little out of sorts. I'll get a good one of him soon I bet.

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Mr. Lentini said...

viss is awesome--i am still mad he sold the seafoam green honda accord with 6million miles on it from driving back and forth from colorado to mastic--he also cuts a mean tree--toddy how have we not surfed--?